An Important Note on Episode Tracking/ Pre-watch Summary for Episode 318: “Exposed”

Apparently, in my limited wisdom while the details of each episodes of Heroes have been accurate, I seem to have numbered the episodes incorrectly. Where I had label each episode since after the Superbowl as “Season 4”, I was really supposed to continue Season 3. I know this because the NBC site archives are now showing episodes labeled in the 300s. I intend to correct these mistakes immediately.


Exposure is the theme this week on a couple of levels this week as the Heroes and villans come closer to finding a way to crush the opposition. Matt and Peter are given the address of the whereabouts of Daphne only to find video evidence of Nathan’s round up on computer filed in the very same place. Sylar is exposed to yet another shocker when upon arriving at the old, rural and quite remote stomping grounds of his father he momentarily flashes back to a gruesome event long since repressed in his mind that leads him to witness a murder which will change his life forever!