Review of Episode 319: “Shades of Grey”

Claire Saves Doyle: Doyle must use Claire to keep the Feds from hunting him. If Claire refuses, she risks Doyle using his powers to harm her and Sandra with his puppeteering. If she helps him, Doyle is back on the street, while she goes free. So Claire decides to allow him to hide out but in doing so she gives the Heroes a dirty, rotten man in their ranks…. Claire is eventual hunted by the Feds probably due to Danko’s suspicion about Nathan… or did Doyle rat her out? Who knows? But we last see Nathan floating through the air with Claire in his arms.

This plotline, as simple as it is, it makes Claire emotionally weak to manipulation. We see that she will let a very evil man go for the sake of normalcy and not sacrifice for the sake of getting Doyle off the street. She does second guess herself, but in the end she chooses normal life. But did it cost her?

Sylar Meets Papa: Sylar reaches his father’s house and meets a father who is clung to and oxygen tank and dying of cancer. He tells his father he’s looking for answers and then plans to kill him. However, his father is completely apathetic and expecting to die anyway. While Sylar hesitates, his father is shown satisfying his own telekinetic powers killing urges, and ability-stealing agenda with a rabbit (possibly for taxidermy, but the scene is unclear) and while assisting Daddy, Sylar cuts himself and heals and after explaining the ability, Papa Sylar wants it. With the same killing method as Sylar, he pins Sylar to the wall only for Sylar to reverse the move and wrap Papa’s oxygen pipe around his throat and then leaves him to suffer slowly.

It appears Sylar gets his evil DNA from his father and will remain evil. Or will he? This was my favorite plot twist. I don’t really have the words to explain why.

Danko’s Mission: Danko has strapped Matt with a bomb on the roof of Building 26 and Nathan tries to stop him as Matt emphatically explains the bomb was Danko’s doing. Using his telepathy, Matt disarms the bomb via the mind of an expert. Danko becomes suspicious of Nathan. He questions Tracy Strauss, but after a heartfelt speech by Nathan, but lets on nothing. He goes to Noah but Noah also keeps his lips sealed. Nathan becomes wise to Danko and has him removed from his post. Then, in an interesting twist, Danko decides to throw Nathan from a window only to have him fly away.

Danko now knows about Nathan’s powers. What will he do? I can’t wait to find out!

Baby Matt Parkman: Ando and Hiro find Matt Parkman but it’s baby named Matt Parkman. Is it Matt from the past? or is it just weird twist?

I’m not sure if the story needed this. Could have done without it.