Worlds are Colliding

Zachary Quinto, aka Sylar, is in heavy talks to play none other than Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film, which is, of course, to be directed (and perhaps partly penned) by JJ Abrams of “Lost” and “Alias” fame, and actor David Anders of “Alias” is going to “Heroes” to play Kane/Kensei.

Awards and Accolades

From the Internet Movie Database news: The U.S. Television Critics Association has named fantasy superhero drama Heroes its TV program of the year. Other winners at an awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday were American football drama Friday Night Lights – which scooped the Outstanding New Show prize and the U.S. version of the The Office, which won Best Comedy. The full list of winners is as follows: Program Of The Year: Heroes; Outstanding New Program: Friday Night Lights; Outstanding Achievement In Drama: The Sopranos; Outstanding Achievement In Comedy: The Office; Outstanding Achievement In News & Information: Planet Earth; Outstanding Achievement In Children’s Programming: Kyle XY;

 “Heroes” has also been nominated for eight Emmys including Best Supporting Actor (Masi Oka, “Hiro”) and Drama Series.  Masi is up against some tough competition though from “Lost” actors Terry O’Quinn (Locke) and Michael Emerson (“Ben”). 

Heroes on DVD

“Heroes” will be coming to DVD on August 28th, just shy of a month before season 2 begins.  According to an interview from Comic Con ( with creator Tim Kring when asked about DVD extras:

TK: Oh, we’ve got tons. It’s really going to be an amazing set. I think the highlight of it will be the original 72-minute Tim Kring version of the pilot. The one that was shown at Comic-Con was never mixed or scored and never color-timed, so this will be a beautiful polished version of that with commentary.

The DVD is also going to be the first television show released in HD-DVD and will allow you access through the Internet to all sorts of different components that basically feed into it.

We’re even putting in a few new scenes and the idea of some new characters that will kind of preview the next volume.

 Better put that on your Blockbuster and Netflix queues now!

Tuesday Tidbits

“Heroes 360” continues to evolve on multiple platforms this summer.’s will offer a webisode documentary series exploring the legend of Takezo Kensei, Hiro’s very own hero. On, fans will uncover videos exploring Shanti Suresh, Mohinder’s sister, and the mysterious virus that killed her. Astute “Heroes” viewers who visit frequently, will learn more about the season two characters as they are slowly introduced throughout the summer through hints and glimpses of future plotlines. Since launching in January ’07, “Heroes 360” has had nearly 200 million page views and 30 million unique visits across all platforms.

source: NBC Press Release

 I love that this show is keeping up with its fans over the summer and constantly expanding their offerings.  I can’t wait to fully explore the sites listed above!

To the Tuesdays Go the Spoils

Well, spoil-ers that is.  This is an old spoiler, but an interesting one from “All I know is that I’m going to be all over the world next year,” says Sendhil Ramamurthy, whose nonpowered (or is he?) scientist Suresh will learn crucial info about his Indian past and his dead (or is she?) sister in the finale that helps set up next season. […]  (from

I’ve been wondering for a while if Suresh’s sister is really dead or if she was taken somewhere.  So this could be very interesting indeed, especially since much of season 2 will be focusing on the older heroes- Mama Petrelli and Hiro’s father, and others of that generation.  I’d love to see the back story of the group they started and what happened when they went their separate ways.

Some other “Heroes” news- the new season will be starting September 24, still Monday nights at 9, followed by “Journeyman”, the story of  a man who starts bouncing around through time to different points in his life.

 heroes-comic-con-comic-book.jpg  And this little goodie, if you happened to be at Comic-con, was given out.  Click the thumbnail to see the full size, awesome cover.

Comings and Goings

Ok, Gram, I’ll be honest- I still have no idea whose going, but I have heard great scoopage as to whose coming on to “Heroes”.  David Anders, who most notably played Sark on “Alias” is reported to be joining the cast of “Heroes”.  It is rumored he’ll be playing someone Hiro will encounter in the past and possibly the present, as this character is reputed to be over 1000 years old.  I’ve heard two names associated with this character Kensei and Kane, both of which are similar enough to make me think they are indeed the same person.

Also joining the cast is Dianna Agron (“Veronica Mars”) who will be playing a (I think) gay cheerleader who doesn’t fit in, and Dominic Keating (probably most recognizable as Lt. Malcolm Reed from “Enterprise”) who will be playing an Irish mobster.  Claire (Hayden Panettiere) will be focused on for the first episode, with it taking place four months from the season finale and apparently there are many changes in store for her, including a boyfriend who may just have superpowers of his own.

And, I also discovered this little tidbit- “So there he was at Global’s fall TV launch: Adrian Pasdar, Nathan Petrelli on Heroes. In a hurried dressing room conversation he said “Apparently not!” when asked if he died in the season finale, after blasting into the stratosphere. Source: The Star, as reported by”  Hmmmm….we shall see won’t we!

 Sources:,– “Watch With Kristin”

“Heroes” Season Finale Thoughts

Ok, Gram, now that you’ve presumably watched the first season of Heroes (I did give you at least 36 hours…plenty of time) we can finally talk about the season finale and what lies ahead.  I don’t know about you, but I found the finale to be a little lacking (I’m sorry, that’s verging on blasphemy, I know).  Now, before you get all huffy, I  understand why it went down how it did- Peter wasn’t in full control of his powers.  But I was really expecting a super hero showdown between Peter and Sylar, and what I got was Nikki slapping the crap out of Sylar with a huge metal pole- which was awesome.  But I wanted to see something like was hinted at in the episode “Five Years Gone”.  Glowing hands, sounds of explosions…That would’ve been a butt-kickin’  battle of, well, superhero proportions.

But oh well, I still love the show and it’s the only thing besides “How I Met Your Mother” that makes getting up on a Monday worthwhile (though I’m passing the summer with “Kyle XY” which is a really good show!).  I’ve never wanted fall to come so quickly.  I really have to give props to the actors on the show who, while not in every episode, are really outdoing themselves with all the travel they’ve been doing and the fact that “Heroes” is coming back with 24 hour long episodes, plus six other “Heroes: Origins” episodes that will feature a new cast, one of whom will become a character on the main show.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to know who comes back.  In the finale, Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) had been shot in the chest four times and his future looked grim at best.  Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) flew Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) into the sky where a nuclear explosion may or may not have destroyed both of them (though Milo has made it pretty clear in interviews that he’s coming back, though Pasdar has been very cagey about it). Sylar had slithered away down an impossibly small drain hole, which makes you wonder what other crazy powers he’s got in his utility belt. And lastly, DL (Leonard Roberts) had also been shot and he’s been suspiciously absent from some of the cast promo tours. 

Ugh…such a long wait until fall.  But I’ve got some other goodies that we can talk about next time, Gram.

Heroes: “Are you on the list?”

The ever growing list of viewers that is.  For those unfamiliar with the show which, at this point, may only be my grandparents (come on, Grams- you’ve got to watch!), “Heroes” is the new break out show that airs Monday evenings at nine on NBC.  It is the story of an ever expanding group of individuals who are genetically different from us normal folk- they all possess a superhuman trait. For one, it is super strength, another the ability to absorb the gifts of those around him, another can fly and one can walk through walls.  Many have compared it to “X-men” or other well known comics like “Superman” and how can you not, right? It is about super heroes- kind of.  It’s really more about normal people who one day realize they can do something extraordinary and how fate has seemingly conspired to bring them all together to save the world (well, New York City first) from a nuclear explosion.  These people, from all different walks of life- a high school cheerleader, a politician and his nurse brother, a painter, a stripper, a pencil pusher and an ex-con are at the heart of the show.  None of them seemingly has much in common, but through the gifts of the painter, who can paint the future, they are all brought together to become “heroes”.

So this blog will be dedicated to the show, bringing you the best of news about the actors, spoilers about the show (don’t worry, each post will be labeled as such for those who don’t want to know) and anything and everything for the “Heroes” fan. And for those (talkin’ to you here, Grandma) who haven’t seen it yet- you can watch all of the first season at with limited commercial interruption.  Now go- watch on, and come back when you’re done to check out all the comings and goings!

Still need more convincing? Check out this promo here:

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