Review of Episode 320: “Cold Snap”

Several climactic twists arise like a creeping heat in this weeks show including two deaths, one capture and one precocious baby Matt Parkman.

Danko’s got Issues: After Sylar leaves his house, Danko’s alarm system alerts him [Danko] to a neatly puppeteered and gift wrapped Doyle. This is a bit of a scare, but Danko frigidly and seemingly soullessly moves on to task two as Suresh is summoned by Danko to view the quarantined prisoners. Suresh wrongly assumes he is there to help heal the sick but soon finds himself caught in Danko’s trap. Danko’s next target is the person who has been irritating his mission since the beginning: Rebel. Noah then suggests that he and Danko allow Tracey to escape in order to reveal Rebel – but not before Noah threatens to turn his nemesis Angela to the Feds. Tracey in turn releases Suresh, Matt Daphne…. Sure enough Rebel is revealed to be Micah. Micah and Tracey race against time to escape but are seconds away from being caught in the Building 26 parking lot. Thinking quickly, Tracey instructs Micah to tell the alarms to turn on the sprinklers – she freezes the room and herself, but not before Danko’s bullet smashes her to pieces as a tear then appears to run down her newly- shattered face.

From the looks of it, Tracey does appear to be dead. Is she? (Sources have it that Tracey’s real-life self Ali Larter wanted out of her contract and this looks to be the end of her character). Micah however is able to escape and thereby continue his rebellion. How will Tracey’s death effect Nathan’s quest for quixotic justice? Where does he go now that Danko has outed him and where does Micah fit in the Senator’s plans? I’d love to see Micah take a new lead now that he’s been revealed.

Daphne’s Last Moments: Matt and Suresh admit Daphne to the hospital. She wakes to everyone around her thinking she’s Gwen Stefani. She tells Matt to leave her behind. Flash forward to a surreal scene in Paris where Matt reveals he can fly. Daphne asks to be flown around the Eiffel Tower but suddenly amid the happiness, she realizes it’s all dream and asks Matt to fly her to the Moon – he does and she is seen deceased in the hospital.

This ending doesn’t sit well with me. There just isn’t closure to the relationship in a very well-dramatized way. I would have liked a fight, an accident, a heroic battle to the death Obi-Wan Kenobi style.

Baby Matt is the Little Engine that Can: Hiro and Ando discover a picture of Matt’s ex-wife and conclude that Baby Matt is really Matt Jr. The babe has a power: He can make inanimate objects move by themselves.

This is cute I guess… but what role will Matt Jr. play? Will he hold the key to next big storyline? I think it might be possible.

An Update for the Fans (Updated 3/25/09)

Just to keep you fans breast of what’s going on, Thursday will feature my usual review and rest of the week will be a bit of a recap of what has not been covered in the previous few weeks such as the minisodes, comics and istory segments. If you missed last week’s show or blog, don’t worry… there wasn’t one. ( that is… there was no new episode, so you didn’t miss a darn thing as didn’t post last week at all).

Review of Episode 319: “Shades of Grey”

Claire Saves Doyle: Doyle must use Claire to keep the Feds from hunting him. If Claire refuses, she risks Doyle using his powers to harm her and Sandra with his puppeteering. If she helps him, Doyle is back on the street, while she goes free. So Claire decides to allow him to hide out but in doing so she gives the Heroes a dirty, rotten man in their ranks…. Claire is eventual hunted by the Feds probably due to Danko’s suspicion about Nathan… or did Doyle rat her out? Who knows? But we last see Nathan floating through the air with Claire in his arms.

This plotline, as simple as it is, it makes Claire emotionally weak to manipulation. We see that she will let a very evil man go for the sake of normalcy and not sacrifice for the sake of getting Doyle off the street. She does second guess herself, but in the end she chooses normal life. But did it cost her?

Sylar Meets Papa: Sylar reaches his father’s house and meets a father who is clung to and oxygen tank and dying of cancer. He tells his father he’s looking for answers and then plans to kill him. However, his father is completely apathetic and expecting to die anyway. While Sylar hesitates, his father is shown satisfying his own telekinetic powers killing urges, and ability-stealing agenda with a rabbit (possibly for taxidermy, but the scene is unclear) and while assisting Daddy, Sylar cuts himself and heals and after explaining the ability, Papa Sylar wants it. With the same killing method as Sylar, he pins Sylar to the wall only for Sylar to reverse the move and wrap Papa’s oxygen pipe around his throat and then leaves him to suffer slowly.

It appears Sylar gets his evil DNA from his father and will remain evil. Or will he? This was my favorite plot twist. I don’t really have the words to explain why.

Danko’s Mission: Danko has strapped Matt with a bomb on the roof of Building 26 and Nathan tries to stop him as Matt emphatically explains the bomb was Danko’s doing. Using his telepathy, Matt disarms the bomb via the mind of an expert. Danko becomes suspicious of Nathan. He questions Tracy Strauss, but after a heartfelt speech by Nathan, but lets on nothing. He goes to Noah but Noah also keeps his lips sealed. Nathan becomes wise to Danko and has him removed from his post. Then, in an interesting twist, Danko decides to throw Nathan from a window only to have him fly away.

Danko now knows about Nathan’s powers. What will he do? I can’t wait to find out!

Baby Matt Parkman: Ando and Hiro find Matt Parkman but it’s baby named Matt Parkman. Is it Matt from the past? or is it just weird twist?

I’m not sure if the story needed this. Could have done without it.

A Throwback From an Earlier Post

Stay tuned for my Wednesday review tomorrow. For now to hold you over, here’s an oldie but goodie!

Trivia: A List of Funny, Useless Heroes Powers

These are powers with which a person may never, ever be able to save the world:

The ability to dry things that are wet.

The ability to turn things black and white.

The ability to turn every meal into breakfast.

The ability to install alarm systems with one’s thoughts.

The ability to win Rock, Paper, Scissors every time no matter which you pick!

The ability to babysit the Baby Jesus!

The ability to go work on Federal holidays!

The ability to win every argument with “Because I said so!” (but only on April Fools’ Day).

To be continued….

Feel free to add your own!

Review of Episode 318: “Exposed”

Well, finally after two days of mishaps, power failures and online video monkey wrenches, I’m finally back to bring you the Heroes review – and again, I apologize for delay… twice.

This week’s mayhem is a triumvirate of mystique as the Bennets, the Petrellies and Sylar’s daddy search all seem to have exposed some core family values.

Claire and Sandra play Hide the Hunk: As per last episode, Claire is seen hiding her new friend Alex from the Feds again – this time in her closet. Claire tries to persuade Alex to hop a train to Albuquerque bu he’ll have none of it. As a result, Claire is forced to tell mom Sandra about Alex’s special underwater breathing ability. Sandra although angry with Claire’s deception asks Claire to allow her to help hide Alex and the three spend the remainder of the episode ducking, diving and dipping out of sight only to have Claire discover her bald, puppet master friend from days gone by awaiting her help thanks to a message from Rebel to escape the Feds as she goes to her microwave to grab a bag a popcorn.

This was a bit too young love for me in parts. There is obviously romantic tension between the two which did culminate with an easily-telegraphed underwater kiss. Also, during a heart to heart Sandra reveals she is considering divorcing Noah and as a result Claire later hesitates as Alex confessed he likes her that way. But the final scene surprised me and considering what the Puppet Man did to Claire, Sandra and Claire’s birth mother Meredith in episodes passed, the creep-o-meter just tilted into the red a bit. The ending gets a few bonus points from me in that regard.

Sylar’s Pit-stop Flashback:
Sylar and his friend Luke take a sudden detour when Sylar’s “spidy sense” is triggered by the look of a dilapidated dive diner where he spends the episode flashing back to a long-repressed day in 1980. Sylar wanders the abandoned grounds for clues of the fleeting memory that in his words, “eats at [his] soul” but his search seems only to soak him in vengeance when realizes his father killed his mother; and after a few minutes of pinning Luke to the wall, he decides to tell Luke go home to Luke’s mom and tells him that he wants Papa Sylar to die.

Where does Sylar’s Character go from here? Is he more violent? Does he continue his ravenous avarice for abilities – or is there an even more sinister plot afoot? One can only wait and enthralled.

Matt and Peter Unveil Exhibit A: Matt is swept off in his painting when Rebel sends yet another message to Peter’s laptop. This time it has the address to where Daphne is being held. The two are next seen at Building 26 where Peter borrows Matt’s telepathy and both proceed to manipulated their way with into the building with a kind of Jedi-level skill. Upon hacking into one of the computers, the are fed a Video by Rebel of the heroes and others with abilities being loaded on to plane hooded and gagged. They then attepted a trade with Nathan for Daphne and Matt’s freedom but to no avail. Danko is out to kill them. He almost does kill Peter if not for Nathan’s flying him away from harm.

Matt isn’t so lucky to escape before being injected with what one could assume might be nitroglycerin and strapped with what appears to be a bomb.
Here there’s an obvious power-play between Nathan’s wanting the heroes simply detained, while Danko is aiming to kill everyone who dares to cross his path. Is Nathan next? What becomes of Matt? This is an excellent climax!

Until next time, this is Mike saying, “Sorry for the delay and have a superlative weekend!”

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Due to back-to-back technical issues both yesterday with my connection and today with the NBC video application, I have to postpone the Heroes review to tomorrow. My apologies to the fans.



An Important Note on Episode Tracking/ Pre-watch Summary for Episode 318: “Exposed”

Apparently, in my limited wisdom while the details of each episodes of Heroes have been accurate, I seem to have numbered the episodes incorrectly. Where I had label each episode since after the Superbowl as “Season 4”, I was really supposed to continue Season 3. I know this because the NBC site archives are now showing episodes labeled in the 300s. I intend to correct these mistakes immediately.


Exposure is the theme this week on a couple of levels this week as the Heroes and villans come closer to finding a way to crush the opposition. Matt and Peter are given the address of the whereabouts of Daphne only to find video evidence of Nathan’s round up on computer filed in the very same place. Sylar is exposed to yet another shocker when upon arriving at the old, rural and quite remote stomping grounds of his father he momentarily flashes back to a gruesome event long since repressed in his mind that leads him to witness a murder which will change his life forever!

Review of Episode 317: “Cold War”

This one had a few twists that I left out of my previous summary. I’ll do my best to include them in my analysis now.

Picking the Brain of Noah Bennett: After taking Noah hostage in a secret location with Peter and Mohinder, Matt uses his telepathy to dig for all the answers to how this round-up all started. He finds that four weeks ago, Nathan had contacted Noah about the round-up. He also now knows that Mohinder knew a bit more than he let on and becomes enraged at the idea. But the most valuable bit of information is a secret code to a vault loaded with weapons and plans in the event of an emergency. Peter takes the code to unlock the weapons after which he is told by Matt the address home address of Nathan’s hired gun Danko. After finding Danko, Peter attempts to kill him but is swiftly stopped by Nathan. Matt, however, is not so easily thwarted when one last probe of Noah’s brain reveals that Daphne is alive in anothe secret location upon arrival, Matt is compelled to kill all those in his way in order to save his love Daphne and does so in blaze of anger. Peter after seeing the carnage still cannot believe Matt could such a thing — but Matt just has.

Matt and Peter have both shown rash reactions in their attempts at revenge which the good Dr. Suresh had foreseen and which Nathan had thought to be a foregone conclusion. Matt now must wrestle with the sins of his killing spree. Peter likewise must control his anger if he wants the heroes to be perceived as good guys. Still, none of these positive traits seems to be motivating the two vigilantes. Will Peter and Matt turn to the dark side if pushed? If they do turn, who will be the hero? It seems these are the pressing issues that will carry the next several episodes.

Danko Saves Noah After Mohinder is caught and questioned by Nathan, Noah agrees to comply with Danko in full after seeing what destruction that “they” are capable of full. However, Noah is seen minutes later talking on his phone with Angela about luring Danko and Nathan toward failure. The story is unclear what this might mean for the future.

Noah must now play both sides as a double agent and not be caught. Can he do it? Will his emotions toward Claire stifle him? One might assume they would from what has been evident in past father-daughter interactions.

Pre-watch Summary For Episode 317: “Cold War”

Note: This section of the blog which was formerly the live section of the blog with for the next few weeks be renamed the “Pre-watch Summary” and will be posted usually by 9 am Eastern time.

Matt and Peter have dragged Noah back to a secret location only for a little bit of mind digging by Matt. Matt powers reveal secret meetings held four weeks ago between Noah and Nathan to round up the heroes. Matt also discovers his beloved Daphne is alive. Meanwhile, Suresh is caught by Nathan and crew in the hopes he might persuade the others. Nathan finds one subordinate not so subordinate and out for blood when it comes to the heroes!

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