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Trivia: A List of Funny, Useless Heroes Powers

These are powers with which a person may never, ever be able to save the world:

The ability to dry things that are wet.

The ability to turn things black and white.

The ability to turn every meal into breakfast.

The ability to install alarm systems with one’s thoughts.

The ability to win Rock, Paper, Scissors every time no matter which you pick!

The ability to babysit the Baby Jesus!

The ability to go work on Federal holidays!

The ability to win every argument with “Because I said so!” (but only on April Fools’ Day).

To be continued….

Feel free to add your own!

Review of Episode 313 “Duel”

The story opens with a monologue from Sylar leading into the theme of duality, o choices mankind has between good and evil and how those decisions often determine success or failure, feast o famine.

Peter and Nathan’s War for Power: With Arthur dead, a major player is now gone and Now Pthe Petrelli brother now ask themselves what the future might need. Peter wants to stop anybody from being injected with the formula, While Nathan seeks to control the source of the powers by controling the formula. The brothers talk it over Peter gunpoint hold-up. As Peter fains a submission to Nathan, Peter sucker punches him and walk with a purpose into Suresh’s lab with Cheddar and ” The Hotheaded Flamethrower” ready to tear the place apart. The room is trashed and the formula is spilled like a red river. While Nathan is woke by the lone marine that was injected with the formula only to stumble upon peter and the others tearing the lab to pieces. The marine is stopped by Cheddar while Nathan quickly whacks the Flamethrower over the head with a lead pipe and continues swinging at Peter only for the Flamethrower set the whole room ablaze with the highly combustible formula spilled everywhere. But before the place goes up in flames, Suresh Manages to escape having absorbed the formula through his skin. At the last moment Peter finds and untouched injection of formula and injects it in order to fly himself and Nathan away from the burning building. When Nathan asked why Peter saved him. Peter characteristically, selflessly says, “Because you’re my brother and I love you,” to Nathan which Nathan replies, I wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

This is the main plot. It sets up the battle with Peter as a selfless Luke skywalker type of hero while it seems Nathan has turned to the “dark side” in a Darth Vader-like plot twist. It’s  smart way to move the plot.

Ando and Daphne Rescue Hiro from the Past: Hiro is stuck 16 years in the past and must be rescued but he cannot do it himself since Arthur took his powers. So Ando travels with Daphne and Matt to Suresh’s loft. When they don’t find him Daphne uses her speed to snatch the formula from suresh and give it to Ando. Ando then inject it to find he’s now able to supercharge any power. Thus, he decides charge Daphne fast than the speed of ligh into the past 16 years and save Hiro within within seconds and allows Hiro Daphine to tavel to Pinehurst and steal back the the written formula.

This was probably the most obvious of the plots. But it allows for an interesting new hope for making a new formula. But who will get it?

Sylar Locksdown Primitech: Sylar returns to Noah and Angela after killing Arthur and decides to get cold blooded revenge. He spends the episode stalking the others like mice, killing a few minor characters, messing with Claire’s mind and going after Angela for answers. He finds Angela used him but she is also the only one who knows who his real parents are. Then suddenly Claire staps Sylar with a glass chard to the back of his brain that will supposedly kill him. She returns for her Meredith who cannot contro her flame power due to Sylar;s   having injected her wit adreniline earily in the episode and thus she causes an explsion that funnily enough Noah and Claire seem to have escaped.

This plot point asked several questions. Is Sylar dead? Peter has died the same way as Sylar and he was saved by Claire removing the glass from his brain. Is Noah dead? If he is he represent a definite lose of information about the heroes. And finally, where does Claire turn to now? There are no companies for he to work for.

Preview to Chapter Four: Nathan having failed in his first mission decides to tell the President himself every little detail about the heroes’ powers (except, of course, his own).

What will this mean for next season?

Live Blog – Episode 313: “Duel”

The Heroes are in a whole new jam with Arthur dead. Claire is finally striking out to help the cause with Daddy Noah. Sylar couldn’t kill her and neither could Pinehurst. Ando has a new ability and Hiro has a new purpose, as does Suresh after Pinehurst goes down in blaze so to speak. Watch tomorrow before I give too much away!

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Trivia: Heroes Creator Tim Kring’s Contribution 1982 Classic


Before the Cheerleader needed saving and before Nathan Petrelli and his suave talk and chiseled chin mesmerized the ladies (and maybe a few dudes) Heroes creator Tim Kring was busy at work screenwriting for the story of Michael Knight and his talking car K.I.T.T. on the 1982 hit sci-fi series Knight Rider. It starred David Hasselhoff as a slick talking, quick thinking cop sselected by billionaire, Wilton Knight, and his Foundation for Law and Government to catch the bad guys with Michael’s intellectual supercar helping him call the shots. The  original series aired from September 1982 to August 1986. A 2008 version recently premiered in September on NBC as the continuing story being told through Michael’s estranged son Mike Traceur played by Justin Bruening.

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Review of Episode 312: “Our Father”

A new chapter has begun with this episode as the catalyst has now been  placed into the formula to create the next “chosen heroes” to fight for a cause.

Hiro and Claire 16 Years in the Past: Hiro travels with Claire back to the moment she was given to Noah by Hiro’s father to be a possible holder of the catalyst. It is revealed that Hiro’s Mother was/is the original holder of the catalyst. However she is sick and dying. Claire moves to keep the catalyst away from her infant body and persuade noah not to give his new baby back to the company, while Hiro, realizing his oportunity, asks his mother to put the catalyst in him and she does. All seems well but Hiro and Claire’s success in thawarded by Arthur as he bashishes Claire back home and render hiro powerless . Meanwhile Ando, Matt and the comic geeks retrieve Issac Mendez’s sketch bookonly to  reveal that Hiro is now trapped 16 years in the past. Ando is detremined to find the formula (which has Arthur has given the catalyst), be injected and travel back in time to save Hiro.

This willprobably be the lead story to drive the whole show. The Cheerleader is no longer the savior but now it’s all about “save Hiro, save the world.”

Sylar Learns the Truth: Sylar calls Arthur after Noah has just told him that he is not Arthur’s son after all. He heads off to the corporate office of Sue Landers – a “human lie detector”  to steal her powers. Unfortunately he also sets Elle’s lifeless body ablaze and says goodbye with what appears to be a sadness in his eyes. After he aquires his new power, he heads to Pinehurst where he finds Peter and the Haitian attempting to kill Arthur. Sylar stops the bullet about the enter Arthur’s skull and coldly asks him, “Are you really my family?” to which Arthur replies with an even colder, “Of Course! I’m your father.” Sylar’s power reveals Arthur lie and with a single “No, you’re not!” Sylar sends the suspended bullet through the middle of Arthur’s forehead killing him instantly.

With Arthur dead there are no players like Nathan and Suresh to lead Pinehurst and Angela and and Peter to fight against it. The plot should be well served by this.

The Marine: The formula is now complete and is injected into a single marine as a test subject. It gives him super strength and give Pinehurst a new advantage.

Yet another major plot arises for season four.

Live Blog – Episode 312: “Our Father” (Updated 12/10/08)

A whole new saga began tonight. The catalyst was shipped around several times transferred to Pinehurst hands while Noah was given a mission to be a regular Daddy.  A marine’s life was changed forever and Hiro’s future as a hero is in limbo. But will it work all work out? Who will lead the charge to save the world now when powers can be made and doled out like candy on Halloween?

Only one episode in the season remains. Stay tuned and be back here Wednesday night for more!

Heroes Destiny: “Capture” and “Escape”

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The saga of Santiago continues with the third and forth chapters of the Heroes Destiny micro series.


“Capture” brings Santiago to a secret facility where Elisa and the mysterious blonde woman have drugged him against his will. When he wakes, Santiago immediately wants out, but he can’t escape the heavily fortressed building. Elisa and the woman tell Santiago he is to take over his father’s former job as an assassin, but Santiago’s bold, God-fearing heart won’t allow him to be a killer.  The woman tells him that if he refuses his mission, his mother will be killed. Santiago’s reluctance is evident but he agrees to his mission. The final scene places Santiago in the shower with a sexed up Elisa creeping behind him with her newly revealed invisability powers and telling him that she’s saving him.

“Escape’s” plot is even more straight forward. After “saving” Santiago, Elisa is compelled to explain her change of heart just long enough to the blonde woman to find them and shoot at them. the two escape to the streets (of Chicago) and mutually decide  to visit Santiago’s mother to ask for her understanding regarding her husband’s secret life. What the two don’t realize is that “Mama” has a secret of her own as she reveals her powers of fire. Then suddenly the next scene shows Santiago’s father to have faked his death to protect his family as he is seen by Santiago zapping the blonde woman unconcious with what appears to be a great magnetic energy. However the viewer sees minutes later that the blonde woman has survived the blast.


Overall the plot of Heroes Destiny seem to be progressing well. There is still quite a bit of mystery concerning Santiago’s Father’s role with “the Company” and just what his intentions are for his son and what his wife knows about the  family secrets. It should be interesting to find out all these things as the series moves forward.

Trivia: Dania Ramirez hushes LL Cool J (Updated 12/5/08)

Photo provided by

You know her and love her as the innocent but not so innocent murderer Maya Herrera and the current keeper of Dr. Mohinder Suresh’s heart. But back in 2004, Ramirez starred opposite LL Cool J as his childhood sweetheart in his video for his song “Hush” from his album The Definition. The video was shot by Ramirez’s hubby-to-be Jessy Terrero and is one of a number of music videos on Ramirez’s resume which can be seen at her official YouTube page at She has her sights set on her own music next. For more on that visit her MySpace Music page at

LL Cool J – Hush
Uploaded by Serval32

Music video by LL Cool J performing Hush
with Jessy Terrero [Video Director], Rosanne Cummingham [Video Producer], Meredith Welsh [Video Producer]
(C) 2004 LL Cool J

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Review of Episode 311: “The Eclipse Part Two”

This episode obviously was a continuation of the previous race to find the secret to the eclipse’s anti-miraculous effects. Not surprisingly, it was only a temporary setback as the heroes regained their powers right away. But the question now becomes “What is to become of these powers, what of the formula?” And “How will it be used or misused?”

The Formula:  Suresh is desperately trying to perfect the formula after being held hostage by Arthur. First the mission is to cure the effect of the eclipse, and Suresh looks to escape Pinehurst and flee to Maya. But with the powers back, it becomes a matter of making them work better. For Suresh it is all about curing his beast within. He’s so afraid of what and who he will become that he dares not to leave the lab even as his new found love for Maya grows stronger…. For Arthur it’s all about control.

 Nathan and Peter in Haiti: The Brothers Petrelli are back in the Haitian wilderness and before and they continue their mission to find the Haitian and his apparent brother in whom there appears to be a bit of a God complex. The Baron as he’s known tortures women and enslaves workers for his pleasure and does so with a mysterious power made of mind control and brute force. Nathan, Peter and the Haitian are able to subdue the Baron and steal his abilities away from him. But after the score is settled, Nathan feels a moral obligation to stop people from using their powers for evil. He feels Arthur’s company formula to be the only to do this. Peter is terribly worried about the consequences a successful formula might have.

 This is good tension for the plot and brings enough mystery to any new plot. The viewer wonders if Nathan’s ambition to stop genocidal killers will turn him into Daddy’s puppet. Or will Peter’s newly-acquired homicidal hunger consume him and make Little Bro the bad guy? One wonders.  

 Sylar and Elle’s Love/Hate Story: After Part one’s steamy kiss the love bird embrace in some post-lovin’ cuddling and relationship evaluation. But what would any romance be without a plot to destroy it? Noah aims his laser target at Sylar and Sylar and Elle run for the hills only to be lead into a supermarket to bandage Elle’s Noah-inflicted leg wounded. Noah uses Elle’s blood trail to track him and finally kills him… (for all of 20 minutes) by slashing Sylar’s throat with a box cutter. The next time we see him is at the Bennett house where he’s back to his old tricks just before being swept away by Hiro and later being out in some field somewhere with his new flame. But this time he considers doing some brain pickin’ — literally!

 This is a great plot point. The viewer’s have now seen multiple sides of Sylar: Killer Sylar, Future Daddy Sylar, Reforming Sylar and Romantic Sylar. Which of these egos will win in the end? This is a smart move and leaves many possibilities open.

 Matt and Daphne Connect/Hiro Makes a Discovery: The eclipse has revealed that Daphne has Cerebral Palsy. Yes, the Speedster has legs that don’t work. She’s able to be honest with Matt and reconcile her earlier crimes done for Linderman… or whomever it is while also giving her dad a hug before she leaves to save the day. The two arrive at a comic book shop to find their pals Hiro and Ando combing through the 9th Wonders comics for and they find them in the story told be the clerk of a bike messenger with Issac Mendez’s sketchbook

 This moves the Matt and Daphne relationship well. The CP adds a touch of vulnerability to Daphne’s formerly snotty attitude and allows Matt to show his sincerity toward her. It also shows that Daphne truly didn’t intend to hurt anyone with her crimes. She can now move on with saving the world with a clear conscience. Matt now feels a true bond with her also. Matt and Daphne follow Hiro and Ando to the comic shop to add an interlocking twist when the clerk mentions another chapter sketch by Issac Mendez before he died. Now the four are off to find a guy on a bike. This plot could move a whole new one and seems to be a clear setup for next season.

 Claire Resents Daddy: Claire is once again all but abandoned by her dad Noah and she doesn’t like it considering she actually died! But when she rose up from beyond there was no explanation as to why the hospital didn’t freak out. Claire is then swept up from her house by Hiro and shown the moment of her adoption 16 years ago when Noah is/was told to protect her at all cost.

 This might be a foreshadowing of the future Claire five years from the present.  Do her daddy issues cause her to turn to the darker side or is she just venting her frustrations? Will the hospital be suspicious of a missing body? It’s likely. Anyway, it seems that “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” is once again the slogan of choice.

 That’s the break down. See you tomorrow for trivia!