Live Blog- Espisode 311: “The Eclipse Part Two

Well, the eclipse came and it went. Claire died… or did she not? Sylar died or did he not? Daphne has CP… or does she not? The Haitian has saved the day… or has he not? Has Nathan found a new purpose with Peter? Has Suresh found that he is forever cursed? What is the unknown chapter of the 9th Wonders comic?

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Review of Episode 310: “It’s Coming”

The episode opens with another chilling and telling prophecy from Dr. Mohinder Suresh that there is a time in war when everything changes.

Suresh and Arthur:  Arthur continues his “pre-cog” drawings and realizes the heroes’ time is running short. He calls in Suresh from the labs to make a diagnosis and a hypothesis but Suresh has no idea what to do. He soon finds his powers and problems to be cured miraculously! This is great start and call to action for the beginning of the episode.

Angela’s Plan: Angela Petrelli is now in a race against Arthur to protect the catalyst, Claire from utter destruction. She then sends Nathan to find the Haitian. Matt and Daphne must rescue Hiro from his ten year-old self and help Hiro turn back time to when everything was peachy and curb the impending doom. Will it work? Probably not. There wouldn’t be show with a bit of “Oh my God!”

The Eclipse Hits: Finally the eclipse hits and affect the war against time on all fronts: Having flown Superman style into  a seemingly mysterious and cliche jungle to find the Haitian, Both Nathan and Peter find themselves  stranded without powers a very normal Haitian and very illusive bad guy who they know little about if anything. Next, the tension inside the two brothers explodes into a blame game of “Daddy wasn’t there!” Very Interesting!

We’re Not in Heroland Anymore: Matt, Daphne, Hiro and Ando are trapped in… Kansas! (Chuckle) to find a handicapped Daphne. Is this a cause for tension? I don’t think so… just a foreshadowing of love to come, but interesting nonetheless.

Arthur’s Mission for Sylar: After Elle and Sylar have a little fun with electricity like two giddy schoolchildren, Arthur presents Sylar with a mission to return Claire to her in one piece.  Though that is much easier said than done – a recipe for disaster? Yup!

No Powers, No Glory: Sylar and Elle bust through the door of Claire’s all but abandoned hideout, to attack her only to find they have no powers. Hell breaks loose and the formerly invincible Claire is shot… and she ain’t healin’ this time! The is definitely the climax of the whole season!

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Episode 310: “The Eclipse – Part One” Post-show Blog (Updated on 11/26/08)

 Note: This week’s Wednesday night review has been moved to this Friday, 11/28  due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

Welcome once again! Ordinarily, I’d blog during the commercials but this week’s episode had me on my toes!

For those of you who might have  missed tonight’s episode, the doomed eclipse finally came and the heroes have returned to their human, dull and seeming fatally flawed selves with no advantages in sight. Matt, Hiro and Ando have met with Daphne’s true and apparently physically different self (I won’t give it away until Wednesday’s post). Peter and Nathan’s loss of power gives them new time to talk out their vast personality differences. Dr.  Suresh is no longer Dr. Frankenstein’s cocooned spider-monster hybrid, but he nevertheless finds himself imprisoned by Arthur and his goons, and finally Claire can get hurt… badly at that! But Noah seeks to hurt Sylar and Sylar’s latest companion, Elle much worse!

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Heroes Destiny: “Let Us Pray” and “Intervention”

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Heroes Destiny is the latest incarnation of the show via and the online fans. The story follows Santiago – a young man in his late teens to early twenties who is trying to find the proper direction for his life in the busy Latino city of Lima, Peru. In the first episode, “Let Us Pray,” Santiago finds himself introduced to mysterious powers when he is able to avoid being hit by a bus by slowing down the world around him through his newly found powers of “accelerated perception”. Convinced he has been saved by God, he attends church with his mother and hears a sermon that reminds him that “Many suffer while others feast.” Deeply inspired, he then meets the new girl in town Elisa whom he comforts after she tells him of her family member’s sickness. Santiago claims he has a feeling Elisa’s prayers will be answered as he goes about his way to play a game of pick-up soccer. However, Elisa is not at all who she seems when she is met by an unnamed blonde woman to whom Elisa assuredly declares, “He’s ready.”

Next in Chapter Two – “Intervention” Santiago is hard at work in a soccer game. The team is losing and his teammates are losing all hope of winning the championship when Santiago tells one teammate that victory is guaranteed if the teammate will agree to give all of the winnings to charity. They both agree and Santiago, in a Matrix-like dash scores the winning goal.  He’s then met by Elisa as she sneaks on him a kiss and an injection of some kind which staggers Santiago and leaves him open to the blonde woman’s tazer.


Santiago is an excellent character to move the heroes’ story along. He is confused – torn between his impulses and what he feels is his calling from God. He’s fun-loving, loves soccer, his family and his God but cannot seem to make up his mind which callings to heed and whose advice to take. His mother has told him that he must have direction in his life and now with his power that direction seems to be a little clearer. But with him captured,  Chapter 3 brings Santiago a new purpose – escape! Many questions come to mind. Might Santiago be brought into the series full time? He has the mark of a younger, much more innocent Peter before Peter was bitten by Sylar’s evil hunger for death. He also seems to be as his mother says, a dreamer believing all things are truly possible. But only time will tell if Santiago has what it takes to be the world’s next great hope.

Trivia: Linderman’s Most Famous Face


Today, Heroes fans know Malcolm McDowell as the Lucifer-like figurehead of the great plot to take over the world set to destroy all the heroes’ hopes of a normal life. But arguably his most famous role was as Alex in the Stanley Kubrick’s landmark film A Clockwork Orange (1971). The film is an adaptation of novelist Anthony Burgess’ most celebrated artistic vision of a teen whose fascination with sex, drugs, “a bit of the old ultra-violence” and Beethoven’s ninth symphony consume his every thought.

Alex races toward mischief in this screen cap from A Clockwork Orange (1971). Copyright is retained by the current holder.

Source: Wikipedia

Description from In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and later volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an effort to solve society’s crime problem… but not all goes to plan. (Full summary)

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Review of Episode 309: “It’s Coming”

The Heroes are in trouble! It is indeed coming and from Suresh’s narration we review the eclipse that first caused the heroes abilities. Therefore a second eclipse is foretold. What will it bring? More powers? Fewer?

A “Hiro’s” Quest is Dashed: Hiro is confronted by a once again refreshed Arthur Petrelli and stopped in Present-day Africa, but oddly enough not zapped of his power completely. Instead, Hiro is made to believe that he a ten year-old boy for the entire episode. Why? It is very entertaining, but Arthur could have easily taken ever bit of Hiro’s power. I have a theory that it might be the writer intent to leave Hiro ignorant of the goings on because if he were simply without his powers, Hiro might still want be an actual hero. But also, Arthur may be preserving Hiro’s ability for later use. Besides, watching Ando convince Hiro he not ten is pretty funny!

An Unhappy Daddy: Arthur finds that Sylar has not killed Peter after all and decides to tell Sylar that Sylar can in fact do without killing . This a clear  foreshadowing of Sylar’s transformation to Good Guy Daddy Gabriel. This is a good way to set up the struggle between a Sylar yearning for goodness and a newly hungry, vengeful Peter as Arthur moves his intention to Nathan joining his side as the future president of the United States.

Peter Tries to Protect Claire from Herself: Claire and Peter’s confrontation is much more minor struggle as Peter just wants to protect Claire from becoming her future homicidal self just before she’s captured by her future villain buddies. It’s an interesting plot twist to say the the least that leaves us wondering who’s on what side and even which side is good and which is bad.

The Pre-lovebirds: Elle and Sylar’s scene  is a passionate one – a war of wills in side a company cell. Elle wants revenge for Sylar’s remorseless murder of her father. But as Sylar refuses to Kill Elle, the two see eye to eye as two people who just want to be normal when it’s all said and done. This is a brilliantly written scene and character progression and I look forward to seeing where it will go and even if it will lead to a romance between the two.

The Lovebirds: Matt and Daphne’s relationship progresses to move us toward the future as expected, in a surprise twist, the two realize their love by being trapped in Angela’s Petrelli’s Arthur-induced coma even after “Fake Daphne” near kills him.

 Arthur and Dr. Suresh Plot Away: The two peas in a biochemical pod realize the there is a catalyst missing from the original formula. We find that the “good guys” have woke Angela out of her coma only for her to give a narrative of the original plot from day one which confirm that there is in fact a catalyst… and Claire recalling Sylar’s words about how she is special saying, ” I think I’m a the catalyst!” The suspense is built yet again with no end in sight.

This episode like the others, builds a climax to yet another climax. It’s a bit annoying for those of us who like closure. Then again, this series has never been about closure, has it? Naaah!

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Watch Heroes – “Dying Of The Light” With Commentary

The most recent episode of Heroes this week may have been the best all season.  Arthur Petrelli steals the show, and alot more as you probably already know.  Well, just in case you have yet to watch the episode, I will let you have a look at it below in full.  In additon, feel free to check out the commentary video for this episode which features Sendhil Ramamurthy (Suresh) and Christopher Zatta.

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