Heroes Begins Webisodes With “Going Postal”

Need a Heroes fix during this long layoff from new shows?  I know I do, part of me has heroes1.jpgalmost forgotten Heroes because of how long it has been since a new episode.  Well, here is your fix.  NBC has recently started a series of “webisodes” with the Heroes name attached to it.  The first of these is being called, “Going Postal” and Part 1 of the webisode, “A Nifty Trick” is already up on NBC’s Heroes page.  We encounter a couple new characters with some new abilities right away during Part 1, with more to follow it will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Check it out here and let us know what you thought.

Greg Grunberg to Appear on Idol Gives Back

Remember Greg Grunberg’s Band from TV?

Greg and the other members of the band will perform on Idol Gives Back tomorrow night on Fox.  Joining the group will be Terry Hatcher, who will sing (if you can’t imagine that you’re not alone) along with her Desperate Housewives co-star James Denton.  If you’ll remember, Hugh Laurie from House is also in the band.

Great to see that Greg continues doing charity gigs while we all wait for the Heroes return.

James Kyson Lee One of Many Koreans in Hollywood

One of the great things about Heroes is the diversity of its cast.  There are a multitude of ages and races. 

One article talks about the great roles for Koreans in Hollywood of late and mentions James Kyson Lee’s role on Heroes.  It goes on to mention “Leonard Nam, who was born in Argentina and studied acting in New York, recently appeared in “Vantage Point” alongside actress Sigourney Weaver. In “Dragonball,” based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, Jamie Chung plays Chi Chi, the girlfriend of Goku. Tim Kang was cast as a mercenary soldier working for Rambo in the recent “Rambo 4.” Sung Kang starred in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” and two ethnic Koreans — Rick Yune and Will Yun Lee — appeared in “Die Another Day.” Will Yun Lee also appeared in the TV drama “Bionic Woman.” Karl Yune, another Korean-American actor, appeared in “Memoirs of a Geisha.” 

Hopefully this trend will continue.

Catch Up With Heroes on the Web

Have you missed any episodes of Heroes

Now that the writer’s strike has cleared up all those pesky Internet problems with salary, NBC is going to air original episodes on the Web.  

NBC’s Ben Silverman stated to one source, “The strike did resolve our issues with our chief creative partners. Now we have terms of business with them, we can do webisodes, integration. We’re able to talk to them without the elephant in the room. We can create with them openly and freely.”

Episodes should air in July on the NBC website.

Heroes Origins Won’t Happen Afterall

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Remember that show Heroes Origins, that was supposed to highlight the older characters and how they all began with their powers?  I’ll admit I thought it was a little too much Heroes, and worried that it might not succeed.  As it turns out, Heroes Origins has been completely nixed. 

IF Magazine reports NBC head Ben Silverman said that with the writer’s strike it would have been too much for the creative staff.  “We were taxing our creative team to do too much around that,” Silverman said.

I agree with it.  Keep the original – it’s what’s worked at this point.

Heroes Will Premiere September 15th

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Mark your calendars for September 15th! 

That’s the day that Heroes premiers again.  According to one source, “Co-chairman of NBC Ben Silverman said, “We consciously chose to rest [HEROES] this spring so that [creator] Tim Kring and his team could get ahead of the creative and build up to a massive event–a three-hour Heroes night. On Monday, Sept. 15, we’ll kick off with a HEROES clip show to try to bring back the audience and [then air] a massive two-hour Heroes film.”

I like that they’re bringing Heroes back in a BIG WAY.  It’s a great show and it’s been gone a long time, so it deserves a big send up upon return.

Greg Grunberg Helps Fight Epilepsy

Did you know Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) from Heroes has an 11-year-old son with epilepsy?  According to a press release Greg joined the “Epilepsy Advocates in Washington DC for their annual summit to plan community awareness activities that will empower other people living with the condition. The Epilepsy Advocate program (www.epilepsyadvocate.com) aims to encourage people living with epilepsy to interact with others who have had similar experiences, to learn from one another, and to inspire people living with epilepsy to expect and demand the best care.”

Kensei Will Be Back for Season 3


How do you feel about Kensei?  Or has he’s become known in the last few episodes, Adam?

I like the actor who plays him, David Anders, but also love his character.  Love that fact that he’s angry because Hiro took his lady.  (Which means lovable Hiro actually MADE him the way he is).  Love the fact that Hiro admired him, which really turned out to be himself.  The writing of Adam has been very good, I think.

When we left him at the end of Season 2, he was stuck in a coffin.  Anders recently told one source:

“It was the most frightening experience ever.  I was in a three-sided satin coffin, between two pieces of glass. I had to contort my body like David Blaine.”

I can’t imagine.  And even tho he’s buried, he’ll undoubtedly find a way to get out.  After all, he’s slated for at least the first six episodes of Season 3. 

Akira’s Hip Hop Shop with James Kyson Lee

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I’ll admit that before Heroes I didn’t realize how many things James Kyson Lee had acted in.  He’s a busy actor, and even with the writer’s strike he managed to keep in the public eye.  He completed a new film earlier this year, Akira’s Hip Hop Shop. 

Akira’s Hip Hop Shop is an interracial love story about a Japanese guy infatuated with rap music who falls for an African-American culinary student (Emayatzy Corinealdi).  James is the star of the film, quite a nice thing for him!  I hope his success continues.  Here’s the trailer.

Milo the Crazed Bunny

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Now we know why Milo Ventimiglia is dating an 18-year old. 


Have you seen some of the YouTube stuff he’s posted?  Like the latest one (supposedly made for Easter) with Crazy Bunny in it.