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The Recruit: “Do What You Have to Do” and “Day of Reckoning”

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“Do What You Have to Do”

As uneventful as this three-minute blip was there was on saving grace. The viewer finds Mills back in the same interrogation room with Angela; and through Angela’s powers of coercion also that Mills had killed one of her fellow marines. She tells Angela that after seeing what the formula did to the marine, she destroyed it. But the flashback tells other wise as Mills takes half a vile back with her – “Wrong answer,” barks Angela. She ain’t buyin’ it.

“Day of Reckoning”

Angela begins telling Mills about her boys who she love dearly and then proceed to get Mills to tell her about Mill’s mother’s suicide. Angela’s monologue tells Mills of her Mother’s powers. She tell Mills she can be difference, that she can still make a difference. The flashback then shows Mills escape through a locked door by teleportation – though unlike than Hiro, she only appears to move through physical space and not time and also unlike him, she appears to have no aspirations to save the world at all.


These gets my a thumbs down. Couldn’t this have been attached to a longer episode? These episodes seem to have been split for no other reason than to milk a few more advertising dollars. It’s as if a person were to break up a chapter in a book every two pages just because. One up-side however is that Mills’ character does seem more developed and quite a bit more tortured than since she was introduced, which in most cases moves a story rather well.

Webisode weekend now starting this Friday afternoon at 4 EST (Updated 1/8/09)

Yes that’s right! As you’re humble blogger I’m making up for recent absences over the holiday break with a recap of all the major webisode happenings with my reviews and insights into the stories that make the Heroes geek community go ’round. Until then, here’s a look at the recent making of Heroes: The Recruit:

Also since I’ve neglected the comic strip and the magazine which is now in it’s tenth edition, I’ll shall take a shot at reviewing those as well in 2009!

See you Friday night!

Heroic Predictions for the New Year (Updated 1/5/09)

Thursday is usually trivia day on this blog, but since today is New Year’s Day, it is only logical that I should make a few predictions about Heroes’ Season Four.

The final episode of Season Three ended with a short lead-in to Season Four. Nathan has a cool, James Bond-like “shaken a bit but not too stirred” demeanor about him as he discusses his plans with a person later revealed to be the President) to round up the “special” ones in Quantanimo Bay fashion to position Nathan as the next big hero in the world and for him to easily gain the US presidency.

Theory: Nathan is the Anti-Peter

In the final moments of Season Three, Peter shows selfless compassion to his less-than- charitable big brother as he uses the serum to restore his ability to fly and save Nathan from the exploding Pinehurst building. When Nathan angrily asks Peter why has saved him to which Peter responds with conviction, “Because you’re my brother and I love you.” Nathan than replies with “I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

I’m not certain of the writers’ intentions but as someone who has studied the Bible and the Book of Revelation, this dynamic between the two has a Christ-Anti-Chirst Armeggedon-starting feel to it. In Revelation, the Anti-Chris,t like Nathan is a charismatic leader of the world whose goals seem noble on a surface level, but whose actual intention is dictatorship through vilifying and criminalizing the other side. As with the Revelation scenario, Nathan is all these things, charismatic, power-loving and domineering to the point he is able to manipulate the President. Recall also that he has said he felt called by God to save the world, but has now become as evil as his father.

Theory: Sylar isn’t dead and he will join Nathan.

When Season Three ended. Claire has just jammed a piece glass through a certain part of Sylar’s brain and killed him – or did she? The same technique was used on Peter in a previous episode and Claire was able to save him by pulling the glass out. Sylar in his typical way, will seek revenge on Claire, Angela and the others by joining with Nathan and the President to stop the “special” ones.

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