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Review of Episode 318: “Exposed”

Well, finally after two days of mishaps, power failures and online video monkey wrenches, I’m finally back to bring you the Heroes review – and again, I apologize for delay… twice.

This week’s mayhem is a triumvirate of mystique as the Bennets, the Petrellies and Sylar’s daddy search all seem to have exposed some core family values.

Claire and Sandra play Hide the Hunk: As per last episode, Claire is seen hiding her new friend Alex from the Feds again – this time in her closet. Claire tries to persuade Alex to hop a train to Albuquerque bu he’ll have none of it. As a result, Claire is forced to tell mom Sandra about Alex’s special underwater breathing ability. Sandra although angry with Claire’s deception asks Claire to allow her to help hide Alex and the three spend the remainder of the episode ducking, diving and dipping out of sight only to have Claire discover her bald, puppet master friend from days gone by awaiting her help thanks to a message from Rebel to escape the Feds as she goes to her microwave to grab a bag a popcorn.

This was a bit too young love for me in parts. There is obviously romantic tension between the two which did culminate with an easily-telegraphed underwater kiss. Also, during a heart to heart Sandra reveals she is considering divorcing Noah and as a result Claire later hesitates as Alex confessed he likes her that way. But the final scene surprised me and considering what the Puppet Man did to Claire, Sandra and Claire’s birth mother Meredith in episodes passed, the creep-o-meter just tilted into the red a bit. The ending gets a few bonus points from me in that regard.

Sylar’s Pit-stop Flashback:
Sylar and his friend Luke take a sudden detour when Sylar’s “spidy sense” is triggered by the look of a dilapidated dive diner where he spends the episode flashing back to a long-repressed day in 1980. Sylar wanders the abandoned grounds for clues of the fleeting memory that in his words, “eats at [his] soul” but his search seems only to soak him in vengeance when realizes his father killed his mother; and after a few minutes of pinning Luke to the wall, he decides to tell Luke go home to Luke’s mom and tells him that he wants Papa Sylar to die.

Where does Sylar’s Character go from here? Is he more violent? Does he continue his ravenous avarice for abilities – or is there an even more sinister plot afoot? One can only wait and enthralled.

Matt and Peter Unveil Exhibit A: Matt is swept off in his painting when Rebel sends yet another message to Peter’s laptop. This time it has the address to where Daphne is being held. The two are next seen at Building 26 where Peter borrows Matt’s telepathy and both proceed to manipulated their way with into the building with a kind of Jedi-level skill. Upon hacking into one of the computers, the are fed a Video by Rebel of the heroes and others with abilities being loaded on to plane hooded and gagged. They then attepted a trade with Nathan for Daphne and Matt’s freedom but to no avail. Danko is out to kill them. He almost does kill Peter if not for Nathan’s flying him away from harm.

Matt isn’t so lucky to escape before being injected with what one could assume might be nitroglycerin and strapped with what appears to be a bomb.
Here there’s an obvious power-play between Nathan’s wanting the heroes simply detained, while Danko is aiming to kill everyone who dares to cross his path. Is Nathan next? What becomes of Matt? This is an excellent climax!

Until next time, this is Mike saying, “Sorry for the delay and have a superlative weekend!”

An Important Note on Episode Tracking/ Pre-watch Summary for Episode 318: “Exposed”

Apparently, in my limited wisdom while the details of each episodes of Heroes have been accurate, I seem to have numbered the episodes incorrectly. Where I had label each episode since after the Superbowl as “Season 4”, I was really supposed to continue Season 3. I know this because the NBC site archives are now showing episodes labeled in the 300s. I intend to correct these mistakes immediately.


Exposure is the theme this week on a couple of levels this week as the Heroes and villans come closer to finding a way to crush the opposition. Matt and Peter are given the address of the whereabouts of Daphne only to find video evidence of Nathan’s round up on computer filed in the very same place. Sylar is exposed to yet another shocker when upon arriving at the old, rural and quite remote stomping grounds of his father he momentarily flashes back to a gruesome event long since repressed in his mind that leads him to witness a murder which will change his life forever!

Review of Episode 317: “Cold War”

This one had a few twists that I left out of my previous summary. I’ll do my best to include them in my analysis now.

Picking the Brain of Noah Bennett: After taking Noah hostage in a secret location with Peter and Mohinder, Matt uses his telepathy to dig for all the answers to how this round-up all started. He finds that four weeks ago, Nathan had contacted Noah about the round-up. He also now knows that Mohinder knew a bit more than he let on and becomes enraged at the idea. But the most valuable bit of information is a secret code to a vault loaded with weapons and plans in the event of an emergency. Peter takes the code to unlock the weapons after which he is told by Matt the address home address of Nathan’s hired gun Danko. After finding Danko, Peter attempts to kill him but is swiftly stopped by Nathan. Matt, however, is not so easily thwarted when one last probe of Noah’s brain reveals that Daphne is alive in anothe secret location upon arrival, Matt is compelled to kill all those in his way in order to save his love Daphne and does so in blaze of anger. Peter after seeing the carnage still cannot believe Matt could such a thing — but Matt just has.

Matt and Peter have both shown rash reactions in their attempts at revenge which the good Dr. Suresh had foreseen and which Nathan had thought to be a foregone conclusion. Matt now must wrestle with the sins of his killing spree. Peter likewise must control his anger if he wants the heroes to be perceived as good guys. Still, none of these positive traits seems to be motivating the two vigilantes. Will Peter and Matt turn to the dark side if pushed? If they do turn, who will be the hero? It seems these are the pressing issues that will carry the next several episodes.

Danko Saves Noah After Mohinder is caught and questioned by Nathan, Noah agrees to comply with Danko in full after seeing what destruction that “they” are capable of full. However, Noah is seen minutes later talking on his phone with Angela about luring Danko and Nathan toward failure. The story is unclear what this might mean for the future.

Noah must now play both sides as a double agent and not be caught. Can he do it? Will his emotions toward Claire stifle him? One might assume they would from what has been evident in past father-daughter interactions.

Pre-watch Summary For Episode 317: “Cold War”

Note: This section of the blog which was formerly the live section of the blog with for the next few weeks be renamed the “Pre-watch Summary” and will be posted usually by 9 am Eastern time.

Matt and Peter have dragged Noah back to a secret location only for a little bit of mind digging by Matt. Matt powers reveal secret meetings held four weeks ago between Noah and Nathan to round up the heroes. Matt also discovers his beloved Daphne is alive. Meanwhile, Suresh is caught by Nathan and crew in the hopes he might persuade the others. Nathan finds one subordinate not so subordinate and out for blood when it comes to the heroes!

Review of Episode 316: “Building 26”

This episode takes a turn for the sentimental. quest of Sylar’s father, a wedding called off and and Bennett’s family issues take center stage along side a contrastingly cold Nathan.

Claire and Comic Book Boy: Claire is perplexed by strange text messages from a mysterious person known only as “Rebel” Rebel tells her to warn a mysterious clerk named Kyle that “they” are after him. After taking a moment to convince Kyle of the urgency of the moment, they are able to escape the Feds and Noah and talk a bit> Kyle reveals an underwater ability and Claire confesses Noah real job.

It’s quite clear that there’s a budding romance on the rise between Claire and her new sidekick. Noah and Sandra are having trouble reconciling Noah’s continued path of employment and have decided to seperate. This is good for dramatic tension between father and daughter. Two people who love each other with conflicting agendas – it’s quite classic!

Nathan Gets a Boss: Abby Collins of Homeland Security has been assigned to oversee the funding of Nathan’s roundup but she is skeptical of his motives – until of course she see Tracey Strauss freeze an agent to death!

Nathan now has Abby to do his bidding on the legislative front and vows to fund anything. This means some very intense warfare!

Hiro and Ando Become Wedding Crashers: Matt’s drawing has led Hiro and Ando to New Delhi, India to a random wedding where they find a dejected and despairing bride-to-be named Anapura ans a smug, jerk of a groom named Tepak. Tepak finds Ando plotting to stop the wedding and proceeds to knock Ando on the head with a pot and kidnaps him only to have Hiro break up the wedding again in the exact spot in depicted in Matt’s painting. Then in the next scene Rebel strikes again via a fax to warn Hiro and Ando of danger. Hiro is convinced it is the message of his destiny.

This one is a mystery. Obviously, it’s important, but why? Where does Anapura fit into the equation? Might she have a power and if so what is it? If not, why have the story? I guess we’ll all have to wait this soap opera out.

Sylar and Luke Take a Road Trip: Sylar and Luke travel a few hours west and discuss Sylar’s dad’s infamous red wagon. Both Sylar and Luke exchange memories of the wagon in a moment of emotional connection between the two. This pays off for Luke later as Sylar helps save him from the Feds after first leaving the boy at a diner in an earlier scene.

Is this a sign of Sylar struggling with a sense of compassion? Why did Sylar save Luke after the boy gave Sylar the address of Sylar’s father. Luke was Sylar’s link to his father but when he gave Sylar that address all bets were off.

Noah Gets Slipped a Mickey: After announcing a separation from his wife, Noah is seen at a bar where he collapses as is subsequently hoisted up by his “friends” Matt and peter!

This is scandalous and may drive a whole new plotline. It’s a good move by the writers to create a new tension point in the story in which Noah can now be used as a bartering tool and a hostage… ooooooh!

Trivia: A Random Look at Dania Ramirez for Those Who Like Ladies (Mature, Non Nude)

Time caught up with me today, but I thought I’d leave all the people with severe Dania Ramirez crushes something fun to amuse themselves…. C’mon I think this is funny:

Review of Episode 315: “Blood and Trust”

The week’s storyline was minimal but set up the dynamic for a whole new battle between the heroes and Feds which maybe quite exciting for future episodes! The are only two major plot points:

The Heroes’ Plane has Landed: Claire, Hiro, Suresh and company have crash-landed somewhere in Arkansas to a now dismembered plane and the heroes are left to roam the surrounding area while swarmed by military forces. As they run, a vengeful Noah catches up to Claire to take her home while Peter escapes into the woods. Matt runs off to lone park bench to use his newly harnessed pre-cog drawing ability. He is unknowingly tracked by Ando’s GPS and found by Ando and Daphne. Nathan tries to control the fallout of it all but finds no help by his military sidekick – fallout which includes a gunned down Daphne and crazed “hunter” who may have been manipulated by Matt to turn on his own army. But through it all the heroes decide to keep fighting.

The US vs. THEM dynamic is intense and continues to build with each episode but the future is uncertain. This is probably a good twist for a whole new story. It lessens bordom and keeps views interested – always a plus!

Sylar’s New Friend: Sylar is on a quest to find his birth father. I leads him to Newark, NJ to the home of Mary and Luke Campbell who are greeted by Sylar and a tied, gagged and stabbed Special Agent Simmons. After a bit of truth or dare and torture and finds a dispondant Luke who hates his life. Sylar uses Luke’s anger and depression to provoke him to reveal a special ability to melt objects and “subjects” including Agent Simmons. The two form a bond and Luke vows to help Sylar find Sylar’s father.

Will Luke and Sylar’s relationship prove to be an advantage or a curse? What powers might Sylar’s father have if found? What is Luke’s future in the series? This may be tricky. Stay tuned.

Episode 315 Live Blog: “Blood and Trust”

The heroes’ plane has crash-landed scattering the heroes in a remote area in Arkansas. The government cannot contain them apparently. But battle lines are redrawn with the heroes now being chased by the entire United States’ federal police force; and Sylar is curious after finding a new, young, protege to help him find his father.

Be here Wednesday for a full review.

Review of Episode 414: “Clear and Present Danger”

This episode was a bit of a plot teaser. The usual narration is skipped for a lead-in with a lone Tracey Strauss prompted by a phone call to watch Nathan announce his plans to round up the “dangerous people” in the country as she herself is caught by mysterious black-suited men.

Claire Warns the heroes: After the demise of both Pinehurst and Primatech, Angela has arranged for Claire to get her GED and go to college but Claire says she knows Sylar is alive. Claire then listens in on a phone conversation between Angela and Nathan. Claire overhears Nathan’s plan to round up the heroes and immediately calls peter. She next finds a bewildered Matt Parkman who reveals his newly begotten pre-cog drawing skills before they are both caught by Nathan’s men.

Sylar’s Mission: Sylar is seen in route to whom he thinks is his birth father. He’s told by the man when he finds him that the man actually is the brother of his father and he than dive Sylar an address. On his merry way to find the man Sylar is met by the black-suited men. But unlike the other heroes, Sylar is able to ward them off with his multiple powers.

Sylar as with he previous few episodes shows an emotional vulnerability as he searches for his genetic link. Despite being all-powerful, his struggle between the good side and evil side within him still troubles him deeply. The audience is forced to wonder if he will repent or become even more monstrous – a smart more on the part of the writers.

Hiro Still Wants to Be a Hero: Hiro shows Ando to spandex suits along with a GPS equipped motorcycle. Hiro has plans for Ando and him to be a super duo. But Ando hates the idea. He feels Hiro is envious of his powers and Ando doesn’t want to be a sidekick. Ando later finds that Hiro is taken while Ando is tracked on the GPS.

Envy rears its head and this may lead to rift between the too. This could get interesting but it seems a rather minor point.

Sylar as with he previous few episodes shows an emotional vulnerability as he searches for his genetic link. Despite being all-powerful, his struggle between the good side and evil side within him still troubles him deeply. The audience is forced to wonder if he will repent or become even more monstrous – a smart more on the part of the writers.

Suresh and Peter captured:
Suresh and Peter and both picked up, Suresh however has Noah to thank for his capture as both men are taken but not before Peter confronts his hypocritical brother Here we also see that Noah is working with Nathan.

This creates a fairly unique dynamic between to former enemies. It’s a good move to blur the lines between which side is which. It now moves the story from competing companies to a simpler Us versus Them with the heroes on one side and the captors on the other.

The Hijacking: The heroes plot an escape and a few succeeds clair seeks to take over the controls of the plane however she is met my Noah at the co-pilot’s chair. Fighting breaks loose and the scene fades to back.

I immediately thought of the miracle on the Hudson on this one. The plain will likely be said to have been hijacked by “terrorists” and Nathan will be a likely candidate for the hero of the flight.

Overall this episode just went though the motions. It had a very premise: Lead the viewer into the new chapter. But the story only gets a lackluster reaction for its unimaginative directness.

Episode 414 Live Blog: “Clear and Present Danger” (Updated 2/4/09)

Well, the round up has begun. Peter Petrelli has become the enforcer supreme feeding into th stress of a post-9/11 America taking former friends like Tracey Strauss with him. We also find Sylar is indeed alive and now searching to find his true parents rather than his next victim. Hiro creates new super personae for himself and Ando. Matt discovers his calling to be a “prophet;’ and yet again Claire feels compelled to get involved. There is also a bit of a surprise in the end that I, as a good blogger am not at liberty to discuss without ruining your viewing experience for those of you who missed tonight’s episode…. The wackiness in back, Baby!

Be here Thursday (for this week) for a full review. Until then, be sure to watch the replay tomorrow.