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The Recruit: “The Truth Within”

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Mills has now been released and goes home to reveal that she hid the formula in and open wound in her shoulder. She then pulls it out and goes on her merry way only to find Angela outside he door to confront her deception and to snatch her back to “the facility”  with a surprise twist so good that it shall not be revealed here!


There’s a good progression of suspense about Mills’ future. Her gritty and undaunted demeanor is full of the character necessary to make a great hero. But only time will tell the fate of Rachel Mills.

The Recruit: “Do What You Have to Do” and “Day of Reckoning”

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“Do What You Have to Do”

As uneventful as this three-minute blip was there was on saving grace. The viewer finds Mills back in the same interrogation room with Angela; and through Angela’s powers of coercion also that Mills had killed one of her fellow marines. She tells Angela that after seeing what the formula did to the marine, she destroyed it. But the flashback tells other wise as Mills takes half a vile back with her – “Wrong answer,” barks Angela. She ain’t buyin’ it.

“Day of Reckoning”

Angela begins telling Mills about her boys who she love dearly and then proceed to get Mills to tell her about Mill’s mother’s suicide. Angela’s monologue tells Mills of her Mother’s powers. She tell Mills she can be difference, that she can still make a difference. The flashback then shows Mills escape through a locked door by teleportation – though unlike than Hiro, she only appears to move through physical space and not time and also unlike him, she appears to have no aspirations to save the world at all.


These gets my a thumbs down. Couldn’t this have been attached to a longer episode? These episodes seem to have been split for no other reason than to milk a few more advertising dollars. It’s as if a person were to break up a chapter in a book every two pages just because. One up-side however is that Mills’ character does seem more developed and quite a bit more tortured than since she was introduced, which in most cases moves a story rather well.

Webisode weekend now starting this Friday afternoon at 4 EST (Updated 1/8/09)

Yes that’s right! As you’re humble blogger I’m making up for recent absences over the holiday break with a recap of all the major webisode happenings with my reviews and insights into the stories that make the Heroes geek community go ’round. Until then, here’s a look at the recent making of Heroes: The Recruit:

Also since I’ve neglected the comic strip and the magazine which is now in it’s tenth edition, I’ll shall take a shot at reviewing those as well in 2009!

See you Friday night!